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Updated for Evothings Studio 2. Apple created a lot of interest in the IoT scene with the introduction of iBeacon. However, Apple placed restrictions such that generic BLE devices could not be used as beacons. In this tutorial we will show you how to have a fun time making a mobile app and create a custom beacon implementation — based on the Arduino micro controller using standard BLE hardware. In this tutorial, we will create a mobile app for Android and iOS, that uses an Arduino compatible board with a BLE shield to create a beacon. The reason we are using the Arduino for the beacons is that it can be easily programmed and that it is a cool tinker-friendly piece of technology that you can evolve far beyond the limits of iBeacon.

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Beacon Technology Market Share, By Application, The beacon technology market is gaining momentum due to consistently growing demand for proximity-based marketing solutions in the retail environment. As there is an increasing need for personalized service experience by customers, retailers are exploring modern technological alternatives for improving in-store advertising efforts.

With smartphones poised to emerge as the ubiquitous technology of the 21st century, their rapid adoption around the world is boosting the growth of the beacon technology market. Moreover, government agencies around the world are focusing on developing smart city projects to modernize the urban infrastructure and create highly connected cities by leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

Beacons are expected to play an important role in enabling such networks which can be managed at the micro-location level. The market share of Eddystone by Google, being the prime competitor of iBeacon, is expected to grow with the highest CAGR between and , primarily because of the vast user-base using android mobile devices.

As Google is constantly integrating its other widely popular services such as Google Maps with the platform, along with the Chrome support for Eddystone launched in , the number of Eddystone compatible beacons is projected to increase exponentially over the timeline. Beacon Technology Market, By Deployment Model The on-premise deployment model holds the major share of the beacon technology market in , and it is expected to maintain this dominance by as most of the beacon manufacturers offer low-cost beacon transmitters which makes it highly affordable even for small businesses to deploy them with minimal computing infrastructure.

But, with increasing adoption of cloud computing technology and its capability of effectively manage large fleets of beacons deployed across wider geographical areas, the cloud deployment model is expected to exhibit fastest growth during the forecast period. Beacon Technology Market, By Application The retail sector holds the most significant share of the market in and will maintain the largest market share by due to the large-scale adoption of beacon technology by retailers to efficiently implement proximity marketing campaigns.

The healthcare sector is projected to witness high growth during the timeline owing to the capability of proximity beacons to enable improved healthcare management systems including efficient patient tracking, asset monitoring and healthcare security and compliance. With vendors introducing beacons designed specifically for using in sensitive hospital environments, the adoption is estimated to accelerate over the timeline.

As it is cheaper to manufacture BLE modules, the overall cost of beacon hardware can be significantly reduced which makes the technology the most preferred choice for operating beacons.

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The effort spanned multiple departments and was led by Dan Cath, a strategic partner manager, and the Google Maps team. Had it launched, Google Here would have been available to more than million Android users by early , with plans to support iOS later in the year. But people familiar with the project say it was shut down for two reasons: A Google spokesman declined to comment.

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In this particular report we cover granted patents covering Apple’s iBeacon, the Magic Trackpad’s gimbal press, Gesture Mapping as it relates to image filters and five design patents. We wrap up this week’s granted patent report with our traditional listing of the remaining granted patents that were issued to Apple today. Apple Granted iBeacon Related Patent Apple has been granted a patent today for their invention relating to personal media devices with wireless communication capability and applications thereof.

More specifically, the invention relates to Apple’s iBeacon. Systems and methods are provided for personal media devices having the ability to communicate wirelessly, and in particular, communicate wirelessly using a short-range communications protocol e. Such communication provides users of personal media devices with access to several Wi-Fi oriented applications.

For example, in one embodiment a personal media device may wirelessly download subscription assets e. In another embodiment, content specific or local to a merchant may be provided to personal media devices that are in wireless communication with a wireless router affiliated with the merchant. For example, if the merchant is a restaurant, the merchant may provide a menu to the personal media device and the user may place an order on his or her media device by selecting items on the menu.

Google unveils platform-independent alternative to Apple’s iBeacon, dubbed Eddystone

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For one of the world’s largest semiconductor chip makers, Softeq developed a fully functional application aimed to demonstrate the wide range of features of the customer’s innovative platform underlying a puck-like device created for action sports.

Describe a typical customer experience. Our operations team first discusses and understands your goals. For example, let’s say your goal is to increase customer awareness of an in-store product. We help you create ‘content compaigns’ to be delivered to customers according to targeting guidelines such as ‘frequency caps’ that prevent spamming and over-delivery of your content.

Relevant customer characteristics can be added to personalize content and beacons ranges and locations in-store are configured to hyper-localize the message. Based on the aforementioned settings, when a customer ‘dwells’ in front of a specific product display for longer than a set time, say 90 seconds, that user receives a personalized notification in-app with additional content and product information.

Analytics Our analytics platform shows how your customers are responding to delivered content. All done safely and securely. What analytics can I track? Our analytics platform is evolving rapidly as we add new capabilities regularly. Currently, our analytics platform can track a number of different metrics by date and time range, and by single or groups of content-type, beacon, and location. In addition, in-location customer path and group data is available. Lastly, analytics data is easily exportable to Excel and platforms such as Adobe Marketing Cloud.

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Every day there seems to be a new device or beacon being launched — and confusing things further, the terms iBeacon, beacon and Bluetooth LE often seem interchangeable. Definitions First, however, a few simple definitions: A beacon is any device that transmits a signal which allows another device to determine its proximity to the broadcaster.


You can test the simulator app at the National Technical Museum as part of their Of Phones and Man exhibition, which is open until the end of April The idea for people to be able to try the app and get acquainted with its widgets in the museum came from the ad agency, Havas Prague. The app simply connects a Smart Car with a smart phone. With more new functions coming, like fuel consumption information and accident warnings, etc. More info on www. Lyceum means ‘college’ in Czech and the saying jokes about how pretty a woman can look, until you see her face.

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Oct 08,  · Dating back to and E. Jerome McCarthy’s concept of the “Four P’s of Marketing,” using Product, Price, Promotion and Placement as the primary pillars of marketing strategy has served.

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The Pi Zero has fewer connectivity options than the Pi 3, but there are plenty of accessories to make up for this, and the newer Zero W board adds Wi-Fi to the fray. The result is cheaper projects in even smaller packages — and these are some of the absolute best. It also hands free messaging and the ability to sync with Google Maps and Spotify via the mobile app enabling you to control navigation and music while keeping your eyes on the road.

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The company will showcase iBeacon by rigging transmitters throughout the Moscone Center, and offering a session for developers on how to use the technology for their apps and services. Greater importance of iBeacon As of now, there are no details over the probable iBeacon upgrade, but the company may increase the importance of iBeacon in iOS 8 along with entering into new partnerships with other companies.

AAPL might also make iBeacon compatible with the much awaited mobile payment service. Only last year, the iPhone maker rolled out the iBeacon on iOS devices, where wireless communication is possible with the physical beacons through Bluetooth, and user can take advantage of apps and services when he or she is physically nearby.

A number of companies has integrated iBeacon technology in various ways. Also, Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association have integrated the technology to offer viewers an improved live experience. AAPL has integrated iBeacons in its retail locations, which deliver messages about taking online orders and store events.

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However, a number of major companies and brands have already been using beacons to provide their customers with new and exciting location-based services. Apple Apple was always going to be the first major brand to go all-in with beacons. Using Bluetooth beacons, the Apple Store is able to send notifications to customers about a number of things, from order and repair completions, to Genius Bar appointments, to iPhone upgrade eligibility and beyond.

Apple even wants customers to read reviews for different products and shop for device accessories right from their phone. In essence, Apple is blending the in-store and online shopping experiences into one, which means that beacons might just be able to help with the notorious crowd problems that tend to plague Apple retail stores.

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A Bluetooth beacon is simply a low-energy chip enclosed in a small plastic housing. The beacon can only send data—not receive it—and is generally used to just broadcasts micro-location coordinates in a radius as small as 10 centimeters to your iPhone. Because iBeacons can only send data, they have no way of controlling anything on your phone. The technology relies on apps collecting the data from an iBeacon and using it to do something.

In the case of retailers, a store may place an iBeacon on a specific endcap with the newest television on it. In fact, an iBeacon can talk to Android and other smartphones as well. Any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch can also become an iBeacon itself. And this is how some clever developers are discovering that iBeacons are good for a lot more than just selling you stuff. Mingleton uses the iOS-only feature of iBeacons. Installing the app on your iPhone turns it into an iBeacons transmitter. The app then broadcasts your profile out to other Mingleton users within a meter radius.

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