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For more information on current and featured projects, go to http: Around 35 people from various research institutions, service providers and the mining industry attended the workshop from across Australia. Dr Mark Aylmore, recently appointed to take on the role of Applied Mineralogist in the JdLC, chaired the workshop that included presentations from: Thanks to all at Curtin and AXT staff who were involved in the workshop. Special thanks goes to Petrina Beeton who organised the venue, catering and parking. With the success of this function it is anticipated further workshops on automated mineralogy will be held on an annual basis. He said reidite is important because it is only known to form in nature during meteorite impact events. All natural occurrences of reidite are associated with the transformation of the mineral zircon during the high pressures and temperatures associated with meteorite impact events. However, the record of Precambrian impacts is poorly constrained due to the dynamic nature of plate tectonics, erosion and deposition of younger rocks, which may destroy or cover the evidence of ancient impacts.


Research Research Program My research program aims to fully characterize a variety of magmatic and hydrothermal ore systems using both traditional and novel approaches. In recent years, I have become particularly interested in focusing at smaller scales to solve problems by using both mineral and fluid i. Students active Bickerton, Luke A geological, geochemical and chonrologicla study of the Devonian East Kemptveill tin deposit, Nova Scotia, Canada; co-supervised with Dr. Characterization of the volatile chemistry of Au and Sn hydrothermal ore systems with applications to deposit models and potential exploration vectoring; co-supervised with Dr.

Hence, we interpret the Re-Os aspy age to correspond to that of the main stage silver ore. Arsenopyrite shows typical Re contents for crustal hydrothermal sulfides of ppb, Re/Os ratios are high to very high (), and common Os contents are very low (>97% radiogenic Os).

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Muruntau gold deposit

Windimurra and Narndee layered complexes. Geology and mineral resources of Western Australia. Western Australia Geological Survey, Memoir, 3, Geoquimica del Salar de Atacama, parte 1 – Origen de los componentes y balance salino.

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University of Quebec at Chicoutimi ; M. Chinese Academy of Sciences ; B. Fuzhou University Expertise and areas of study: His current research topics include: Prior to joining the University of Regina, Dr. Geol former Geol ; Geochemistry:

Griffin, method is to better understand the shannon and molybdenite re–os dating of four kuroko ore. Zircon u-pb on molybdenum from a common source., the information presented below briefly outlines how chemostrat is the potential for hydrocarbon exploration of the deposits in nimu ore.

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For Aircraft Body, Utensils, soda cans In de Morveau proposed the name alumine for the base in alum, and Lavoisier, in , thought this to be the oxide of a still undiscovered metal. Wohler is generally credited with having isolated the metal in , although an impure form was prepared by Oersted two years earlier. In , Davy proposed the name alumium for the metal, undiscovered at that time, and later agreed to change it to aluminum.

Shortly thereafter, the name aluminium was adopted to conform with the “ium” ending of most elements, and this spelling is now in use elsewhere in the world.

Dating of ore and ore-related minerals using Re-Os has included exploration of the Re-Os systematics in arsenopyrite (FeAsS). This mineral is of particular interest because it is commonly associated with Au deposits and may be directly associated with Au deposition.

The minutes of the th meeting were read and approved after the audience filled in a few, but not all of the blanks. There were two new members: John Jens made his biweekly appeal for science fair judges. There were no informal communications. The sediments are intruded by diabases and basalts which, except for one study, are poorly dated. Kunk then set out on an veritable isotopic travelogue, presenting endless vistas of majestic plateaus, each giving an Ar-Ar date of unsurpassed splendor The journey continued on to the rugged argon high-country of the sedimentary rocks, inhabited by void-filling cements rich in potassium.

Here are found more plateaus of nearly the same elevation, at Fluid flow during the emplacement of the igneous rocks was probably related to the cementing of the younger sediments. Nutrient-rich waters cause zones of intense bioactivity, especially near the equator in zones of upwelling. CO2 degasses in these regions, whereas at the poles CO2 is taken up by the ocean.


Zhenyuan gold deposit is the largest super large gold deposit in the Ailaoshan gold belt, but its precise mineralization age is still lack. Re-Os isotopic age of the auriferous pyrite from the Zhenyuan gold deposit was determined by using a high-resolution inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry HR-ICP-MS. The pyrite samples were decomposed in carius tubes, Os was separated by distillation and Re was extracted by acetone, respectively.

The data suggest that at least one important ore-forming event was occurred during Indosinian epoch, and the ore-forming materials probably derived from mixed sources of crustal and mantle, while the later dominated. The Ailaoshan composite orogen experienced complicated evolutional processes, including formation of Precambrian-Early Paleozoic basement, subduction and orogenesis of Late Paleozoic era, collisional orogenesis of Late Hercynian-Indosinain epoch, and extensional or striking orogenesis of Yanshainan-Cenozoic epoch.

The polycycle tectonic evolution and magmatism in this area caused multi-stage and superposition metallization characteristics of the Zhenyuan gold deposit:

Abstract. The Maoling gold deposit, one of the large gold deposits in eastern Liaoning Province, NE China, is an arsenopyrite-disseminated gold deposit with a resource of approximately 25 t Au and an average Au grade of g/t.

Section E, published in Mineralium Deposita April 14th, , resulted from discussions with Jeremy Richards in during a field trip to Boroo and Erdenet Mines in Mongolia that led to a collaboration with Ryan Morelli, Robert Creaser University of Alberta and Antonio Simonetti University of Notre Dame utilizing a new approach to dating gold mineralization employing rhenium-osmium sulfide geochronology.

The trends of regional folds around the competent Harney Peak Granite in the southern portion of the Black Hills are directly analogous to those resulting from partitioning deformation around rigid objects such as porphyroblasts. The trends provide a direct connection to the orientations of structures preserved within garnet and staurolite porphyroblasts at the Homestake mine that allow integration of the history of fold development across the whole region. This has considerable significance for the timing of emplacement of the Harney Peak plutonic complex.

This section provides a structural framework for the detailed work on the Homestake Mine region where the younger deformations that affected the Black Hills region are much more intensely developed. The early history indicated by porphyroblasts, but lost in the matrix of schists at Homestake, can be seen 50 kms to the south in the regional folds.

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Miner Deposita Rhenium— osmium geochronology of ore-associated arsenopyrite and pyrrhotite was performed in an effort to delineate the timing of gold mineralization in relation to known tectonothermal events in the northern Black Hills. The Re—Os arsenopyrite age and initial Os ratio 0. New in situ U—Pb monazite analyses from an aplite dike in the east-central Black Hills indicate that granite magmatism was a protracted event, persisting until at least ca.

Arsenopyrite shows typical Re contents for crustal hydrothermal sulfides of ppb, Re/Os ratios are high to very high (), and common Os contents are very low (>97% radiogenic Os).

As the best gold grades at the Rattling Brook prospect typically occur in altered mafic rocks, the lack of alteration and mineralization in a dyke that has mineralized wall rocks is unlikely to be coincidental. Much of the hornblende in the post-mineralization diabase KC appears to be late-magmatic, and the fine grain size suggests rapid cooling and solidification.

There is certainly no indication that this sample was subjected to high temperatures during some later event. The hornblende age for KC is thus attributed to the time of crystallization, and provides a minimum age for hydrothermal alteration and gold mineralization in its granodioritic host rocks. The result must instead be a younger cooling age linked to Paleozoic metamorphism. As the upper greenschist- to lowest amphibolite- facies metamorphic mineral assemblage reflects temperatures slightly above the closure temperature for biotite, the timing of peak meta-morphism must be prior to Cooling was quickly followed by alteration and mineralization, and then by emplacement of the fresh post-mineralization dyke.

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