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If you make a purchase by clicking one of our links, we may earn a small share of the revenue. Our picks and opinions are independent from any business incentives. It’s easy to fall in love with the Asus VivoBook Pro. It’s great for people who want the power of a mid-range gaming laptop, but not the look of one. The gold and black color scheme is really professional-looking as well. If you squint, it could pass for the MacBook Pro’s long-lost twin—though it’s not nearly as costly. For the most part, we really like the VivoBook—especially the price and connectivity options—but it missed the mark in some areas.

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Windows 10 Size Tablet: Design and exterior Design wise, the Transformer 3 Pro is pretty much a marginally oversized version of the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, with similar materials used for the case, similar button placement and an adjustable kickstand on the back. The build quality is solid, the magnesium shell feels nice to the touch and from what I can tell, should age nicely.

This mic comes in both USB and XLR versions, it is a step up from the Blue Snowball in sound quality and is a great deal for the price, be aware however if you buy the XLR version you are only purchasing the microphone itself, you will need to also buy a stand and a adapter such as the Blue Icicle.

The quality is much better than many who haven’t actually listened to it would have you believe. Apple actually installs quite good audio output circuits in the MacBook Pros. When you can afford it, get a decent interface with true balanced line-level outputs. Until then, first confirm by checking the manufacturer’s specifications that your active powered monitors have enough sensitivity to work at “prosumer” dBV signal level.

It’s, by far the least expensive, and most reliable way to connect your monitors to your MacBook Pro short of connecting an external digital interface via USB or Firewire. If you are playing your audio with the MacBook alone with no other peripherals connected, even if the MacBook is being powered by the Apple power adapter, you should not have any ground-loop issues.

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Is it necessary to buy it If you keep the existing microphone, than no. The primary purpose of an audio interface is to convert an analog signal into a digital one. Because your microphone is a USB mic and USB cables carry a digital signal there is already an analog-to-digital converter built into the mic. No further conversion is necessary or possible.

If you want a mic truly built for Mac, Apogee is the way to go. Besides recording as normal when connected to your MacBook, it also has the ability to connect to your iPad or iPhone and integrate with Garageband for optimal productivity.

First off, the quality of materials used scream premium. The T20is feature a gold-plated, reinforced, oxygen-free copper cable that helps to improve overall sound quality and help the cable last longer. The tech allows two independent voice coils to handle different parts of the frequency range, producing crystal clear audio without a hint of distortion. The headphones come with a total of 10 sets of tips including two sets of memory foam tips to help find the perfect fit for your ears. The level of customisation available with the T20is isn’t something we see every day, and the company should be commended on getting the experience right for every single user no matter the shape of their ears!

The T20is also come with three custom tuning filters – one for reference, one that boosts treble and one that boosts bass. When testing the bass filter, the headphones achieved a level of bass that we hadn’t experienced with many in-ear headphones.

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If running REW for the first time it is best to read through these initial help chapters in sequence rather than jumping directly to the individual setup steps, however if your computer has already been set up using other acoustic measurement software you may be able to skip directly to Making Measurements. If using the Java drivers REW defaults to using the audio input and output which have been set as the defaults in your OS.

Those defaults may change as you connect or disconnect audio devices, so it is best to select the specific devices, inputs and outputs you wish to use for measurement in the Soundcard Preferences panel. Click the Preferences button in the toolbar to display the panel.

Use a 1/8-inch stereo mini plug to 1/4-inch phono adapter/connector to bridge the connection from computer to guitar, bass, or mic with 1/4-inch phono connector. To connect a professional microphone, use a 1/8-inch stereo mini plug to XLR connector adapter.

If you look at a lot of the Pixel artwork, it shows some bearded hipster-type using his Chromebook in what looks like a creative workshop setting. Fortunately for us, we do not need to grow a beard, but we can use our Chromebooks for creating stuff. Process The process is pretty simple really. First you plug in your Microphone, then from within the dock you select the Microphone as your input source. Next to where you change the volume there is an arrow that takes you to your audio settings: Select your USB Microphone by clicking on it: This is a good all-round device that captures far better quality sound than the built into your Chromebook.

If you are looking for a different type of USB Microphone to use with a Chromebook, it must not require drivers to operate.

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Apr 28, Tips 51 comments Some of you out there may own and use an audio interface that features an optical ADAT input. Today I want to briefly go over how great this option is and how to practically use it in your studio. It has a few names, but many audio interfaces include a digital connection called ADAT or lightpipe.

Feb 15,  · I have a Pyle preamp microphone setup that I would like to run through my Macbook Pro It has a USB port on the front of the preamp, can i just plug that in .

TASCAM’s DR brings high-quality stereo recording to an easy-to-use portable powerhouse with a size and price that anyone can handle. A pair of all-new microphones handles up to dB SPL with the sensitivity to capture every detail. With new recording features like Peak Reduction and Quick Menu, the DR puts album-quality recording in the palm of your hand. Premium-quality Sound Everything about the DR is designed to get the best quality recordings of your music.

A new pair of built-in microphones withstands up to dB SPL -the volume of a jet plane from feet away-yet still have the sensitivity to capture every detail of a performance. Internally, the DR ‘s digital and analog circuit boards are built separately to improve noise performance, with a low-impedance design to further decrease hiss. The result is clean sound quality -over 92dB signal-to-noise ratio; under 0. Simple to Operate The layout of the DR has been revamped to be quick and easy to work with one thumb.

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The 17 inch is a lot to lug around. I would not recommend travelling with it unless you really, really want a big screen. If you can cope with the smaller screen, and you can get to a big screen when you want to work quickly, the 13 inch will be by far the best to travel with. The 15 and 17 inch models have four CPU cores.

Dec 11,  · I am using a 15″ MacBook Pro, and I’m wondering what I’ll have to do to be able to hook up the speakers to my computer. I’m producing through Logic Pro 9. I’ve read posts about this on others sites, but I’m getting alot of mixed replies.

And if you are here because you want to improve the sound quality on your videos then do read this post which will tell you how to make your videos sound good. A USB microphone is a high quality microphones which simply plugs straight into your USB port — perfect for musicians on the move with laptops, but equally at home in the desktop music studio.

Also a really good option with the iPad and other tablets. USB mics are compatible with both PC and Mac operating systems — they just plug and play so you can get started really quickly. They represent excellent value because there is no requirement to purchase any additional hardware, and are very easy to install and use. These are equally simple to set up and use in this way and will produce really good recording results.

If you just want to make good quality recordings one track at a time, or if you are thinking about voiceovers for videos etc then you do not need to be so concerned about the headphone output and you may prefer the features and equipment of the larger USB studio mics. While you are choosing your mic, think about whether you need to purchase a stand, shockmount or recording booth at the same time.

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At the same time it is a lot of things and manages to do all of them brilliantly. In one word the ADI-2 Pro is a signal converter. It can take just about any digital or analog signal and convert it into any other type.

Jun 26,  · This video properly shows how to use an external microphone with a MacBook Pro inch laptop that only has one input jack for earphones and .

They serve different purposes. If you want to read the Yeti review, you can find it here: The main difference is the interfaces that the Pro has. The Pro has the familiar USB interface, but it has been upgraded. This is the reason that I purchased the Yeti Pro, to connect to my mixer. My main purpose is to use it to record video. This means that I will have it hooked up to my mixer, then to my camcorder, which has an audio input.

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