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This is another angsty Sehun scenario request, so jjang! Do you write angst? Can I request an angsty scenario with Sehun but with a happy ending? Do you want to explain what this is? Sehun was barely interested in the movie, and his phone was lighting up with new texts every few minutes. He frowns and grabs your wrist, steadying it so he can read the screen. Why does it say Hyoyoung on the screen?

Are you texting her again, jagiya? You had had problems with this girl before. She was a trainee that Sehun had trained with, and it was no secret that she liked him. She had even gone out on dates with him, but that was of course, before you started dating. She had slipped out of the picture a few months after you and Sehun got together, but occasional she drifted back into the picture, texing Oppa!

Exo Next Door

First time being intimate with Jongin. Jongin Kai x Reader Type: You had pushed the furniture off to the side so your boyfriend could have more room to go over his new choreography. You loved watching him dance.

Dating Them Includes – Jongdae (EXO) – Feel free to send in requests (Fridays & Sundays, Central time) guys! We do Reactions, Preferences, Fake Texts, and Scenarios! Just tell us who you want, what.

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I hope you enjoy! Minseok locks eyes with Suho and does the above action how would you describe it? He finds it a little sweet how you are trying to hide the love that Minseok subtly brags about to his friends. Originally posted by parkchny Suho: Junmyeon said to you before that the other members were sleeping or resting in their room, so you had relaxed and been your usual self around him.

At one point, you got a little daring and closed the space between the two of you, giving him a sweet kiss just as Yixing walked into the living room, making his way to the kitchen.

Next Door Episode 4 Eng SUB EXO. EXO Episode 4 [ENG SUB] UPDATED!! – allkpop. Size x Download Tweet Report. Don’t Cry. Chanyeol Exo Dating Alone Eng Sub. ENG SUB] Chanyeol Dating Alone Episode 2 Cut: exochocolate. Size x Download Tweet Report. Next Door Ep 1 Eng SUB EXO.

Exo Next Door ep Even before details of the production were revealed, the title alone promised some cringe-worthy goodness, and let me say, the final product does not disappoint. Not only do the members of Exo play caricatures of themselves, but their lucky neighbor, Yeon-hee Moon Ga-young becomes part of a love triangle between kind-hearted D. Flashbacks keep alluding to a music note pendant — gifted by said Grandfather — that Chanyeol lost, and he has returned to the house to reclaim what was once his.

Perhaps she is in possession of his missing pendant as well as his heart. According to her first love, it is that she is unable to communicate with those she harbors affections for. As eyeroll-worthy of a weakness as that is, Moon Ga-yeon has a way of playing Yeon-hee that makes her adorable enough to continue watching. Halfway though the series, very little has happened in terms of development.

As things stand now, both Chanyeol and D. Baekhyun has caught on to the blossoming love triangle, and Sehun remains oblivious — instead focusing his attentions on befriending her brother who makes a mean espresso. Nonetheless, the mini episodes are filled with humor, fandom inside jokes Chenderella, anybody? Three years since debut, Exo has reached the point in their popularity where many of them are beginning to spread their own wings with individual activities. SM also is no stranger to putting their idols everywhere , and with each SM group it is only a matter of time before a few members try their hands at acting.

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With typical hangover regret, he checks his phone and finds six missed calls from Director Ryu. He figures he is doomed. But Director Ryu left a message:

Single ‘YeonHee’ learned dating through dramas, a romantic comedy story when the world’s top star EXO moves in next door.

I think that Xiumin would be practicing some extra moves in the practice room with a rather attractive and sweet trainer. Xiumin would back away after a few seconds and immediately apologize, coming down to earth and realizing what he had just done. He would definitely excuse himself out of the room and quickly leave. I think that he would have to sit down in the SM building, refusing to work or talk to anyone, and simply run through ideas of how to deal with this.

He would deifnitely want to tell you, but he feared losing you and breaking your heart. He would end up leaving and going to a cafe, picking up a cup of coffee to help with his nerves and sober him up. When it came down to actually telling you, he would break apart and would simply cry at how awful he felt. Originally posted by exoissimo If you wanted to break up with him, Xiumin would be absolutely devastated and he would just keep on crying rivers.

I think the two of you would end up accidentally meeting a week or so afterwards, and you would be able to see how badly the break up had been affecting him. There were be bags residing underneath his eyes, a frown would be permanent on his face, and he would simply be incapable of being happy.

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Kau Ji Yeonhee, kan? Yeon Hee ga sanggup menjawab. Ia bertanya-tanya dalam hati bagaimana Chanyeol tahu namanya. Chanyeol seperti membaca pikiran Yeon Hee. Apa aku terlihat bodoh sampai tidak tahu nama pekerjaku sendiri, tanya Chanyeol. Yeon Hee menjawab dalam hati tidak.

exo has yet again broken another record as exo next door has received over 50,, views making it the first korean web drama series to be submitted to the 68th Cannes Film Market, and now offers are streaming in from big name distributors in Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Taiwan to presumably buy the rights for the series.

Then you were looking to your cold coffee when someone tap softly on your shoulder. After that you two keep in a funny conversation like you never had before, his become your best friend, actually your only friend,week after week he would contact you almost everyday and always helping you with learning korean even when he told you he was a trainee he would try anything to see or talk with you. Now he was your lovely boyfriend, the only one who gave a hand when you most needed, the one who care and understand you, the one with whom you have learned to love, your guardian angel.

Can we meet right now at the cafe? Love you, xx From: Love you too, xoxo From: You understood that is only way to see the person you love, but sometimes was a bit annoying always getting out almost hiding in the shadows but yet you did, because you knew how his fans could be scary and how his career was important to him. You put your hand above his own just enjoying the moment, it has been a while since you two kissed last time, now feeling his warmth you just wanted to stay like this forever.

You pulled away, eyes widened.

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EXO’s Baekhyun revealed that he went the extra mile to get close to the other members.

You can choose whether you want to serve family-friendly drinks like root beer and lemonade or pass around a local microbrew for the over crowd. Just remember, most of the EXO boys are only barely of legal drinking age in the U. Greet your guests and neighbors! Start things off with a neighborly vibe — decorate for the occasion with fun signs and words of welcome. Bring a housewarming gift! My grandmother used to say when someone new moves in to the neighborhood, you bring them a potted plant and a Jell-O mold.

We re-imagined grandma’s geraniums as customized decorations — adding a photo of our four leads at the center. Hang them around the house for a little festive color. Don’t forget the Jell-O!

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